Choosing to be vegan


My siblings and I grew up in a vegetarian family, so I have been vegetarian my whole life. My parents gave me the chance to try meat away from home as a young child and I occasionally ate sausages after my hockey games. Though at one point my parents explained the process of how the animals were killed and I instantly stopped.

I never understood why people could eat meat and yet still care for animals. Friends would say how they could never kill a fly and yet they ate a meat filled diet. Or how people love their dogs but eat meat. And are disgusted when they hear about other cultures eating dogs. What’s the difference if your eating pigs and they are eating dogs. Why do people value some animals over others. Many people are so disconnected from the reality of animal agriculture. I once saw a prank video of a man selling ‘fresh’ meat balls in a supermarket. People would come up, taste it..”yum tastes great” and ask to buy some. The man would then go and get a piglet and put it into a grinding machine (a lady was hiding inside cuddling it but the costumers didn’t know). They were outraged “are you insane, you can’t do that..your crazy..what are the fuck do you think you’re doing?!!!!!…” Everyone was shocked, a lady even hit the man trying to get him to stop.When a few seconds ago she was enjoying the meat balls…

Seriously, where some people think meat comes from?

Consider the suffering of the animals you comsume.

Ponder the destructive impacts of animal agriculture on the planet.

Learn the about the efforts of eating meat on your health.

Is a moment of pleasure really worth all that harm?

We have been culturally conditioned to ignore the impacts of our actions on animals, our health and the planet. Many of us are so disconnected. Animal products come on plastic plates, from a supermarket. The emotion has been taken away. No one sees where it comes from. They just don’t want to know. People are willingly ignorant.

I have always believed animals have as much of an equal right to live as we do. That we have no right to kill them. I wouldn’t say I’m an animal lover so to speak though I have a lot of compassion for them. I value life and do not want to cause pain to or kill other living beings. That is why I eat the way I do.

After I watched the documentaries ‘Cowspiracy’ and ‘Earthlings’ my eyes were really opened up to what happens in the egg and dairy industries and also in all areas of animal exploitation. I realised I needed to stop eating all animal products. Which is when I decided to go veganz. Over more or less a year I have transitioned from a vegetarian diet to eating an only plant based diet.

I love it. I feel motivated to find new and exciting recipes. I’m lucky enough to have vegan friends and family supporting me as I begin this new way of eating. My bother is a food photographer and his partner (Sofia von Porat) is the author of two vegan books. So I have people for inspiration.


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