Timeless day

Take away familiar actions

Where days will slip away

Slow down the pace

Until I know what’s happening

My life might fly away

If I don’t tie myself to the present

Hours, days and weeks fly by

Until I stop, time won’t stop

Why would I want to be without been here

Am I here yet

Please tell me loud enough

I can’t say my name

As I try to open up

Thoughts evaporate with the rising sun

Taking a breath

I start to plant my roots

Joined in silence

I see my life won’t fly away

Choosing to be tied to the present

I stopped and saw myself in silence

Time won’t stop

Until I stop holding onto all

The falling leaf has paused for me

On a timeless day

As the golden sun moves across my vision

I was there every step of the way

I am a blossom on an almondĀ tree

Gently swaying on a timeless day.

– Briar

A poem I wrote to about my experiences with been present.


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